Bonzer Heritage Leather Cocktail Roll Kit - Gold Plated - BSBQ0696 / 10088-03

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Bonzer Heritage Leather Cocktail Roll Kit - Gold Plated - BSBQ0696 / 10088-03 is available to buy in increments of 1

    Leather Cocktail Roll Kit -Gold - Bonzer BSBQ0696

    The Bonzer Heritage Roll Bag is the only way to carry your Bonzer Heritage Barware. Premium hand crafted leather roll bag securely holds the Bonzer Bar Tools so they are available when you need them! This kit features all the tools you will need to produce great cocktails with style. 



    The Bonzer Heritage Gold Set are crafted from stainless steel and plated with Gold and are designed to be robust, easy to clean, and to make cocktails simply and efficiently. The gold finish produces a delux style like no other and would fit in any high end establishment. 

    Two Ear Heritage Hawthorne Strainer

    The two ‘Devil Horn’ prongs of this strainer, ensure that it remains secure and balanced when atop a tin. It uses an antique style spring with a thick coil, so there is no ice overspill and the fit remains rigid.

    Sprung Heritage Julep Strainer

    With this strainer, you can quickly and easily switch between drinks and as well as its versatile design, like the Heritage Hawthorne Strainer, it is fitted with an antique spring for extra security.

    Heritage Julep Strainer

    Another classic strainer for throwing drinks, this model has a unique ridge feature which allows for more control when pouring. It is perfect for throwing drinks is designed with hygiene and durability in mind.

    Heritage Fine Strainer

    This strainer comes with a wide collar and large hanging loop, with a high quality fine mesh. It works best with shaken drinks, and its multipurpose shape makes it suitable for most straining techniques.

    Stainless Steel Half Half Wooden Muddler 

    Our highly durable 10” stainless steel muddler is certainly a muddler for life. It has been crafted from indestructible stainless steel and thanks to its extra weight, muddling cocktails has never been easier! This Bonzer muddler was developed to help improve performance and comfort of the professional cocktail maker. Its blunt end works to keep flavour locked in by bruising leaves without tearing them. It can also be bespokely branded depending on your venues own specific requirements.

    25/50 Jigger

    Boasting all the same fantastic qualities and ultimate durability as the standard Bonzer Measuring Thimble, our Stainless Steel jigger offers two different sized measuring thimbles at each end. An essential for any bar, the measuring jigger’s multi functional nature enables bar staff to perform tasks that would usually take longer swiftly and with ease. Produce drinks in minutes by utilising the versatile 20/40ml jigger thimble to create delicious cocktails or the 25ml/50ml which is a must have for pouring a variety of sized drinks.

    Bar Spoon

    The professionals choice. A favourite with all styles of bartender, this spoon has the classic 10.5” setup with both 5ml spoon and disc ends. The spiralled shaft both adds beauty and practicality to this tool giving the ability to layer drinks shamelessly. bonzer® is the originator of this style of spoon, now considered the Standard style.

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