Pro-Fondi Coffee Head Cleaner 12153-01

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    Quick and easy to use, the Pro-Fondi has significant benefits over the traditional method of using a knock-box for waste. It is far less abrasive, which means that there is less damage to the filters and groups – thus, in turn, improving the life of both. Pro-Fondi is also far quieter than the noise produced by enthusiastic baristas cleaning the filters, which positively adds to the atmosphere of the venue. In addition, any waste is stored more hygienically within a neat waste bag housed conveniently out-of-sight under the equipment within the counter space.

    • Quiet and efficient
    • Waste is collected in a bag, out of sight.
    • Easy to install
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Optimises clean filtration - improving the taste result 
    • Avoids messy footboards
    • Avoids replacement of filters and constant abrasion of the groups 
    • Avoids repairs and replacements of knock boxes
    • Faster than knocking and wiping clean 
    • Avoid trauma to the carpal tunnel 
    • Collects and disposes of coffee grounds in a hygienic way 
    • Does not require special maintenance and cleaning 
    • Collects large amounts of coffee grounds in a single disposable bag 
    • Height: 280mm
    • Width: 140mm
    • Diameter: 100mm
    • Weight: 2500gm
    • Watts: 220V - 12V, 2A, 50-60Hz
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    ColourStainless Steel
    Power SupplyN/A