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  1. Did you know we manufacture our own Bain Maries here in Bromyard, Herefordshire?

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    The CE Online Bain Marie is made using the highest quality components, and 100% British made. Our Bain Marie knocks all the cheap imports out of the water! Better still, we still beat most of their prices...Available without gastronorms, with 1 x 1/1GN pans, 2 x Half GN pans or 3 x Third GN pans with lids from just £89 ex vat...It is perfect for holding sauces, soups, gravy and pre-cooked foods at serving temperature.

    Adjustable heat control gives added versatility  -   Wet or dry h

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  2. What do I need to start a commercial kitchen?

    What do I need to start a commercial kitchen?

    Are you looking to set up your own restaurant, bar, coffee shop or catering company? If so, there’s a few pieces of commercial kitchen equipment that you’ll need to get before you open your doors to the public. Once you’ve found the premises for your business, you’re going to want to make a start with planning and preparation. And this includes what you need to start a commercial kitchen from scratch. From hiring staff to high-quality commercial kitchen essentials, this beginner’s checklist will make sure you don’t forget a single thing.

    Large Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    Without any equipment, how do you expect to make and serve great food? In a commercial kitchen, there’s several staple

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  3. Why Choose A Direct Chill POU Water Cooler?

    Why Choose A Direct Chill POU Water Cooler?

    We are confident that a Borg & Overström watercooler is the most logical, environmental, and price efficient choice. What makes us so sure?

    They have a secret weapon, it's called Direct Chill. The Direct Chill system utilises advanced cooling technology to ensure your water is both hygienic and fresh. Many water systems chill water gradually over time, and store it in a container. The Direct Chill system takes water directly from the supply source, and chills it in a coil on its way to the dispenser faucet. This ensures your water is fresh, and reduces the impurity levels in your water. But don't just take our word for it, in this blog we will discuss exactly how the Direct Chill system works, and why we are so proud of it. 

    How it works  

    The cornerstone of the Direct Chill system is the Direct Chill coolant coil. This nifty device uses environmentally f

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  4. Shop Student Kitchen Essentials

    Shop Student Kitchen Essentials

    Take a peak at our new student range of kitchen equipment.

    We offer great value for money, top quality, and stylish products.

    Filter our range by your preferred colour or price range to make you shop quick and easy.

    Next day delivery as standard to UK Mainland.

    Shop Now

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  5. Comparison Tool For Catering Equipment


    Save yourself lots of time and make sure you find the right catering equipment for your requirements.

    Instead of trawling through each product individually, simply add the products you are interested in to our comparison tool.

    Once you have narrowed dow your search by usinfg the filters on the left of the page..

    Hover over the product you are interested in, and click the right hand toggle..

    Once you are finished adding products, click "Compare" show at the bottom left of the above image, this will bring up the comparison table:

    Catering Equipment Comparison Tool

    Give it a go with our undercounter fridges:

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  6. Gastronorm Pan Guide

    Buyer's Guide To Buying The Right Gastronorm Pan..

    This buyer's guide contains useful advice for buying gastronorm containers and lids, and includes a handy reference guide for sizing...

    The standardisation of gastronorms gives a uniform sizing structure to maximise capacity efficiency. It ensures maximium use of oven or fridge space by using containers that are compatible in size with the applicance capacity.

    The standard gastronorm depths are 10mm, 20mm, 40mm, 65mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm and the following dimensions:

    1/9 - 108 x 176mm
    1/6 - 176 x 162mm
    1/4 - 265 x 163mm (quarter)
    1/3 - 325 x 176mm (third)
    1/2 - 325 x 265mm (half)
    1/1 - 530 x 325mm (full)
    2/1 - 650 x 530mm (double)
    2/3 - 354 x 325mm
    2/4 - 5

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  7. Have you had a look at our fly killer guide?

    Have you had a look at our fly killer guide?

    With this unseasonally warm weather we unexpectedly still supplying a vast amount of fly killers!

    Ceonline wants to make sure you get the best fly killer for your individual need, and have therefore created a 'Fly Killer Guide' for you.

    Do you know how often you need to replace the UV tubes?

    Or that there are different fly killers for front-of-house, backstage and food preparation areas?

    Find out everything you need to know in our concise guide:

    View Here

    We sell the whole range of Insect-O-Cutor Fly Killers at the best prices on the web, to see our products:

    Click Here


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  8. Commercial Microwave Ovens

    Commercial Microwave Ovens

    Commercial microwave ovens are essential to the professional and commercial caterer. Their success as a piece of commercial kitchen equipment is because they are very energy efficient and quick at what they do.

    Catering microwaves are popular for re-heating previously cooked foods and cooking vegetables. Microwaves are very fast and efficient when it comes to cooking vegetables, not only do they use 3 times less energy than a gas hob but they also keep more of the vitamins and nutrients, in fact they retain upto 85% compared to about 15% in boiled vegetables.

    We know why industrial microwaves ovens are popular and we know that they are attractive nutritionally speaking but it is also important that you buy the correct unit for your needs. There are several manufacturers for commercial microwaves, 
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  9. Polycarbonate Tableware versus Melamine

    Polycarbonate Tableware versus Melamine

    Why choose Polycarbonate Tableware from Harfield?

    Harfield is a long established family-run business with over 50 years experience.
    In that time, Harfield have grown to be the UK's leaders for manuafcturing polycarbonate tableware. They have also weathered at least four recessions in that time, proving to be a successfull British business with a winning product.

    Quality of product, value for money, 100% recyclable materials and innovative product development means that you are sourcing the very best in polycarbonate tableware.
    Harfield Polycarbonate Tableware has a very exciting new Patterned Range and an innovative Antibacterial range to add to their existing portfolio.

    Designed with the caterer in mind, there is a polycarbonate plate, bowl, beaker, tumbler, jug, meal tray, serving platter, cup, tray and meal tray suitable for any application. Just about every caterer should consider polycarbonate tableware; school caterers, outdoor act

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  10. Water boiler, water boiler, every where but where's the perfect drink?

    Water boiler, water boiler, every where but where's the perfect drink?

    Water boiler, water boiler, every where but where's the perfect drink? Not quite The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (originally The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere) but more of a commercial catering equipment enthusiast looking for a water boiler angle with a difference.

    Water boilers can be a necessary and essential piece of equipment for any business or establishment. Whether you are an office, coffee bar, restaurant, wine bar, church or village concern or have a catering trailer or an outside catering company, we all need to be able to boil water for hot drinks. And we all seem to call them something different, here are some of our top names: tea urn, catering urn, hot water urn, water boiler, kettle, industrial kettle, catering kettle, commercial kettle, boiler, hot water boiler. 

    Here are our top four

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