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  1. Why Choose A Direct Chill Water Cooler?

    Why Choose A Direct Chill Water Cooler?

    We are confident that a Borg & Overström watercooler is the most logical, environmental, and price efficient choice. What makes us so sure?

    They have a secret weapon, it's called Direct Chill. The Direct Chill system utilises advanced cooling technology to ensure your water is both hygienic and fresh. Many water systems chill water gradually over time, and store it in a container. The Direct Chill system takes water directly from the supply source, and chills it in a coil on its way to the dispenser faucet. This ensures your water is fresh, and reduces the impurity levels in your water. But don't just take our word for it, in this blog we will discuss exactly how the Direct Chill system works, and why we are so proud of it. 

    How it works  

    The cornerstone of the Direct Chill system is the Direct Chill coolant coil. This nifty device uses environmentally friendly R134a gas to chill to a sub zero temperature. The use of R134a is highly energy efficient, and cuts the energy consumption of your watercooler dramatically. The coolant coil is situated in an insulated Direct Chill tank, which is filled with water. You'd be forgiven for thinking that this is where your drinking water comes from, but this chilled water merely serves as a temperature regulator. The fresh filtered drinking water is situated in an entirely sealed pipe that passes through this chilled tank. It progresses through a seven metre chilling coil and out to the dispense faucet, to provide you with fresh, chilled, and filtered drinking water. 

    The benefits 

     With bottle top watercoolers, the drinking water is stored over time in an exposed reservoir, creating an ideal environment for bacterial growth. This reservoir often develops a biofilm, which is a coating of microbial matter, which can enter your watercooler. The sealed drinking water pipe used within the Direct Chill system ensures that your water is transported directly from the source to the dispense faucet, greatly reducing the chances of contamination and impurity in your drinking water. The Direct Chill systems have been designed with easy to use, soft touch buttons. Not only is this quick and simple for dispense purposes, but it also ensures that hands are kept away from the faucet itself, to further increase the hygienic protection of the system. 

    We know that using a Direct Chill dispense system is easier and more energy efficient than a bottle top watercooler, but there are also logistical reasons why the Direct Chill system is the logical choice. Anyone who has had to install and maintain a bottle top cooler will know the painful, and potentially injury inducing, chore of replacing the giant water bottle that sits atop of the device. This process also allows for potential spillages, not ideal within an office location. With a direct chill system, water flows directly from the source, meaning that no bottles are required.

    Using a Direct Chill dispense system not only cuts down on the storage space needed for the bottles, but also saves you a great deal of money. If you’re utilising a bottle top cooler, which uses around one bottle weekly, you’ll be spending around £338.00 per year on bottles alone (Cool Coolers, calculated 15/02/17). The Natural Resources Defence Council estimate that 90% of the price you pay for these bottles contributes to bottling, packaging, shipping, marketing, and retailing, with only 10% of the price covering the cost of the water itself. With a POU dispenser supplying you with filtered and fresh water directly from your source, the price is significantly reduced.

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  2. Shop Student Kitchen Essentials

    Shop Student Kitchen Essentials

    Take a peak at our new student range of kitchen equipment.

    We offer great value for money, top quality, and stylish products.

    Filter our range by your preferred colour or price range to make you shop quick and easy.

    Next day delivery as standard to UK Mainland.

    Shop Now

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  3. Comparison Tool For Catering Equipment


    Save yourself lots of time and make sure you find the right catering equipment for your requirements.

    Instead of trawling through each product individually, simply add the products you are interested in to our comparison tool.

    Once you have narrowed dow your search by usinfg the filters on the left of the page..

    Hover over the product you are interested in, and click the right hand toggle..

    Once you are finished adding products, click "Compare" show at the bottom left of the above image, this will bring up the comparison table:

    Catering Equipment Comparison Tool

    Give it a go with our undercounter fridges: Click here

    Want help with this? Give us a call on 0345 0942374 and we will be happy to run you through it.

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  4. Gastronorm Pan Guide

    Gastronorm Pan Guide

    Here at Ceonline we sell a large range of gastronorm pans & lids.

    The Sunnex Stainless Steel gastronorm pans are our best sellers. Known for their excellent quality and versatility. They are made out of 18/8 Stainless steel to BS631-1 specification. They can be used in bain maries, chafing dishes, heated display units and much more.

    We also sell ceramic, silicone & polycarbonate gastronorm pans

    The silicone 'flexipan' gastronorm pans have highly innovative qualities - you can use them to - Cook / Chill / Freeze / Oven / Microwave / Serve; a truly versatile product!

    Click here to see all of our ceramic, silicone & polycarbonate gastronorm pans

    Click on image to view different sizes >>

    Any questions - or if you don't see what you are looking for - give us a call on 0345 094 2374


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  5. Have you had a look at our fly killer guide?

    Have you had a look at our fly killer guide?

    With this unseasonally warm weather we unexpectedly still supplying a vast amount of fly killers!

    Ceonline wants to make sure you get the best fly killer for your individual need, and have therefore created a 'Fly Killer Guide' for you.

    Do you know how often you need to replace the UV tubes?

    Or that there are different fly killers for front-of-house, backstage and food preparation areas?

    Find out everything you need to know in our concise guide:

    View Here

    We sell the whole range of Insect-O-Cutor Fly Killers at the best prices on the web, to see our products:

    Click Here


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  6. Commercial Microwave Ovens

    Commercial Microwave Ovens

    Commercial microwave ovens are essential to the professional and commercial caterer. Their success as a piece of commercial kitchen equipment is because they are very energy efficient and quick at what they do.

    Catering microwaves are popular for re-heating previously cooked foods and cooking vegetables. Microwaves are very fast and efficient when it comes to cooking vegetables, not only do they use 3 times less energy than a gas hob but they also keep more of the vitamins and nutrients, in fact they retain upto 85% compared to about 15% in boiled vegetables.

    We know why industrial microwaves ovens are popular and we know that they are attractive nutritionally speaking but it is also important that you buy the correct unit for your needs. There are several manufacturers for commercial microwaves, Sharp microwavesPanasonic microwavesSamsung microwavesMenumaster microwaves and now also Burco Commercial microwaves to name but a few. 

    Microwaves are available in different wattages and this determines the power and speed of the cooking and re-heating times. The most popular outputs for commercial microwaves is 1000, 1200, 1500 and 1900 and work from a 13 amp plug supply. You can also choose between a dial control and a touch.

    Should you go for one of our most popular models like the Sharp R21ATor Sharp R24AT, you know you are getting a professional quality and built machine with touch controls and presets for you to programme with your most popular dishes.
    They also have a variable power programme which gives you the same control as cooking on your hob and allows you to cook a more dense product.
    There is a very clever cavity protection system available for the Sharp R22AM, R22AT, R23AM, R24AT and R1900. It is an additional extra that provides a hygenic barrier which prevents spills and splatters reaching the microwave's cavity. This prevents damage from food build up and helps to save time when cleaning.

    When choosing and pricing microwaves, please be mindful that a domestic microwave is not suitable for a commercial application. Domestic microwaves cannot withstand constant use and you will find that the performance of your domestic microwave will fall off which leads to longer cooking and re-heating times.





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  7. Polycarbonate Tableware versus Melamine

    Polycarbonate Tableware versus Melamine

    Why choose Polycarbonate Tableware from Harfield?

    Harfield is a long established family-run business with over 50 years experience.
    In that time, Harfield have grown to be the UK's leaders for manuafcturing polycarbonate tableware. They have also weathered at least four recessions in that time, proving to be a successfull British business with a winning product.

    Quality of product, value for money, 100% recyclable materials and innovative product development means that you are sourcing the very best in polycarbonate tableware.
    Harfield Polycarbonate Tableware has a very exciting new Patterned Range and an innovative Antibacterial range to add to their existing portfolio.

    Designed with the caterer in mind, there is a polycarbonate plate, bowl, beaker, tumbler, jug, meal tray, serving platter, cup, tray and meal tray suitable for any application. Just about every caterer should consider polycarbonate tableware; school caterers, outdoor activity centres and outdoor pursuit centres, nursery school caterers and specialist school caterers, caterers for girlguide and brownie groups, the scout, cub and beaver movements and not to forget hospital catering, prison catering and other institutions.

    Why should we all choose Harfield Polycarbonate Tableware?


    Polycarbonate is a superior quality plastic material with high impact strength, toughness, heat resistance and excellent dimensional colour stability.
    Harfield polycarbonate is safe, light, durable and meets the EC directive 2002/72 for food contact approved plastics.
    Polycarbonate tableware is safe for children as it will not shatter or splinter. Melamine may shatter into sharp pieces and become a health and safety hazard. When melamine chips it will become unhygenic as food and bacteris etc. can seep into the porous material through the chip and will be harboured in the product..
    Polycarboante tableware is stain resistant, vitually unbreakable, dishwasher safe, 100% recyclable, available in a wide range of colours and patterns, and is yout greener tableware solution.
    Harfield polycarbonate tableware helps reduce your carbon foortprint and save you money; 100% recyclable, made in the UK, Lower replacement costs and less waste.
    Harfield polycarbonate tableware can play an important role in your carbon management programme.



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  8. Water boiler, water boiler, every where but where's the perfect drink?

    Water boiler, water boiler, every where but where's the perfect drink?

    Water boiler, water boiler, every where but where's the perfect drink? Not quite The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (originally The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere) but more of a commercial catering equipment enthusiast looking for a water boiler angle with a difference.

    Water boilers can be a necessary and essential piece of equipment for any business or establishment. Whether you are an office, coffee bar, restaurant, wine bar, church or village concern or have a catering trailer or an outside catering company, we all need to be able to boil water for hot drinks. And we all seem to call them something different, here are some of our top names: tea urn, catering urn, hot water urn, water boiler, kettle, industrial kettle, catering kettle, commercial kettle, boiler, hot water boiler. 

    Here are our top four commercial water boilers of the moment and being a woman, this changes constantly, as shiny stainless steel, streamlined casings and small footprints are almost as good as diamonds, well, almost!

    Burco water boiler
    Now you could say that Burco are "The Daddy" of water boilers, as they have been manufacturing equipment in Britain for over a century.
    Burco AFCT10 & AFCT20 Counter Top Autofill Boilers with a 10ltr tank capacity and an hourly output of 40ltrs, coupled with front of house good looks and a 3 Years Parts & 1 Year Labour warranty, this product speaks for itself.

    Parry water boiler 
    Parry are also a British manufacturer with a great reputation and have been manuafcturing for over 60 years.
    Parry AWB3 - Counter Top Autofill Boiler our best selling water boiler to date! Good performance, good footprint, good value, need we say more.

    Instanta water boiler
    Instanta is now owned by Zip, who are world leaders in instant boiling water technology. Instanta are also a British manufacturer, can you see a pattern in our favourites?
    Instanta 1000C - Compact Water Boiler a brand new boiler from Instanta, with its self diagnosis system and small footprint, could this be our new best seller?

    Lincat water boiler
    One of Lincat's slogan's is "Quality you can depend on", and their FilterFlow automatic water boiler is certainly a dependable water boiler.

    Lincat EB3F & EB4F - Filter Flow Automatic Water Boiler the FilterFlow push button dispense, automatic water boiler has good looks, a built in filtration system and is ideal for self service operations. Easy fit replacement filters have a life of 4000 litres or 6 months (whichever comes first).

    But wait, I've only mentioned Auto Fill Water Boilers!
    We are also a stockist for Auto Fill Water Boiler - counter top, Auto Fill Water Boiler - undercounter, Auto Fill Water Boiler - wall mounted, Kettles, Catering Kettles, Catering Urn - Electric, Catering Urn - Gas, Manual Fill Water Boiler - Electric, Manual Fill Water Boiler - Gas, & Water Boilers (waterboiler)

    Having highlighted our four favourite water boilers, and in particular, four countertop water boilers I must remind you that their are other models and manufacturers out there. Please follow the links below to search by manufacturer.

    I would also like to remind you that you should have a water softener fitted to your incoming water supply for any "plumbed in" appliance. 

    We strongly recommend the fitting of a commercially suitable water softener or filter to your incoming water supply when purchasing, manufacturers will not honour a warranty claim if limescale damage is the cause of break down.

    Please follow these links to see water boilers by manufacturer:

    Bravilor water boiler
    Burco water boiler
    Cygnet water boiler
    Instanta water boiler
    Lincat water boiler
    Parry water boiler

    So, getting back to perfect drinks, I like a nice almond latte in the morning, a cool crisp glass of Champagne in the afternoon, a good gin and tonic with lots of ice and a squeeze of fresh lemon and lime for an aperitif and for cocktail hour a mojito!!!! How about you?


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