Allure 30 ZC010 - Black, 30W, 120m2 Electric Fly Killer

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Allure 30 - 120m² Flykiller
Designed around patented technology to maximise light output, the new Allure flykiller unit from Insect-O-Cutor is the most effective flykiller ever developed.  Independent tests confirm that the Allure 30 catches a staggering 448% more flies than a leading traditional 30 watt unit, making this the biggest innovation within the flykilling industry since the original electric flykiller was introduced almost 50 years ago!

*  120m² coverage
*  2x TGX15-18 tubes
*  448% better catch rate than a leading traditional 30 watt unit
*  Innovative open top design
*  Unique "Z shaped" killing grid is 20% larger for increased efficiency
*  Deep, mains interlocked catch tray with anti blow out folds
*  High effiicacy Synergetic(TM)  UV tubes
*  Tool free, swing down front guard
*  Three way mounting for flexible installation, wall ceiling or desk mounted
*  Independent certification, certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards

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Delivery5-7 working days
Power30 Watt
Coverage m290m2 - 150m2