PlusLamp - 12 watt, Tightbend, Fly Killer Tubes TVX12-TB

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PlusLamp - 12 watt, Tightbend, TVX12-TB

- 8000 hour lifespan.

- G10q cap

- Recommended for use in Domestic and Commercial applications.

How often should UV tubes be changed and why?

We recommend that UV tubes are changed every 12 months to ensure maximum efficacy.

The levels of UV produced by fluorescent tubes deteriorates rapidly throughout the life of the tube. Whilst the tube will continue to glow blue or green indefinitely, after approximately 8,000 hours the amount of useful UV (which humans cannot see) drops to a level where it is no longer attractive to flying insects. As a result , UV tubes must be replaced annually to ensure they remain effective in producing useful levels of UV. This replacement cycle is typically undertaken just before the peak insect season, (March/April within Europe) to ensure the flykiller is producing the maximum amount of UV throughout the critical insect season.

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